The Psychology of Assessment and Intervention

2 years 120 credits

The Psychology of Assessment and Intervention focuses on providing the most modern and professional psychological intervention and evaluation services through innovative and practice-oriented teachings. This program will prepare adequate professionals who will become experts in psycho-diagnostics and psychotherapy and will successfully serve as counselors for the officers of public sector, private sector, and society in general. Demands for services of this nature are highly needed in Kosovo.

This program is one of its kind in Kosovo and offers academic and professional preparation on various psychological issues and phenomena which directly or indirectly require assessment and intervention. The program is adaptable to the societal characteristics of our country and prepares clinical psychologists who will be able to address different environmental and cultural attributes of our population.

Graduates of this program receive the title Clinical Psychologist and can work in both public and private sector offices where psychological assessment and intervention services are needed.

Semester I

Advanced methodology in scientific research

Professional Ethics

Cognitive Behaviour


Test Development

Developmental Psychology


Semester II

Advanced Statistics

Psychological disorders of children and adolescents

Assessment Methods


Assessments and


Psychanalitic and integragtiv psychotherapy

Classification manuals


Semester III

Adults’ psychological disorders

Psychological Consuling

Personality and IQ tests –

Test Application

Learning Difficulties

Psychological assessment – interest carrier assessments


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