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Health care issues and challenges affect the global population every day. The complexity of the health care system requires special attention in order to come up with innovative and creative solutions. Heimerer College has identified the need to empower tomorrow’s healthcare professionals and managers through educational opportunities outside of regular educational programs. Heimerer College Summer School is designed to provide participants with the appropriate skills to turn real-world problems into questions for scientific research. The main purpose of the summer school is to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities in order to develop the creativity and innovation of the participants and to encourage them to focus on a specific health care topic.

In addition to the educational part, summer school also organizes activities and excursions with the aim of providing socializing and entertainment opportunities. Heimerer College Summer School is open to local and international applicants, as health issues have crossed national boundaries and most countries are challenged with similar issues. Therefore, summer school is a perfect opportunity to share knowledge and best practiced on specific topics within healthcare, and also make friends with people from all over the world. Summer School will be an experience that participants will remember for a long time.

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In recent years the topic of migration and health has received special attention. Summer school organized by Heimerer College brings this topic to the forefront of international and local experts, lecturers, and students. Heimerer College offers interdisciplinary lectures on the impact of migration on health and other areas of human life.

Summer school aims to strengthen participants’ knowledge of migration topics while classes are a combination of lectures, seminars and interactive discussions. The lecturers will be international experts coming from different countries with relevant migration experience.

Summer school is organized for students from international and local universities and all those that are interested in expanding their knowledge about migration from different perspectives. We encourage all Bachelor and Master students interested in this subject to apply. All the classes are offered in English language.

The topic of summer school is Migration and Health – Multidisciplinary. The program will be offered in various forms such as: interactive lectures, workshops, debates. In addition, the academic part of the summer school provides enough time for independent study and research. The program will include specialists and experts with experience in migration issues. The methodology used in classes and workshops are: Problem-Based Learning, Research-Based Learning, and Project-Based Learning. Students will also be divided into different groups, where each group will have its own mentor and will work together to draw out different project designs and research materials (depending on the group).

Participants will be encouraged to translate perceived migration problems into scientific research questions. Different approaches to the study of migration (health, political, economic, sociological, legal and historical) will enable participants to return home with a greater baggage of knowledge and skills on migration as complex phenomenon affecting governments and societies all over the globe.

During summer school, participants will have the opportunity to participate in various attractive activities such as: visits to Pristina City Museum and Pristina Ethnological Museum, one-day trip to Gadima Cave in Lipjan, one-day trip to Prizren city, parties, competitions , bowling, etc.

Summer school takes place at Heimerer College in Pristina. All participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop.

The number of local participants is 10.

All students who are interested to become part of Summer School in College Heimerer must pay a fee of 50 euros. This amount covers course materials, physical and electronic library access, WiFi access, social activities, coffee break lunches.

To apply, please contact, under “Heimerer College, Summer School 2019”.


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Summer school is worth 5 ECTS. All participants will be provided with a certificate of participation.

  • Registration begins from 09. 03. 2019 until 09.04.2019.Notice of Admission: April 12, 2019The course begins from 03.06.2016 until 08.06.2019.Welcome