Office for Research and Quality Assurance


Office for Research and Quality Assurance

The mission of the office for Research and Quality is to develop student’s research and communication skills. By supporting student’s research ideas and its realization, we aim to link theoretical and practical learning. This office has a close cooperation with academic council, the coordinator of studying programs and the scientific workers in order to indentify the needs of the institution for research and to bring conclusions on the research orientation that the institution should have. Also, the office has a very important role on supporting scientific workers and students in orientation and the learning process of research activities. The new strategy of the Office for Research seeks to conduct at least one research per semester, a research which is relevant to the studying programs that our institution offers.

Our institution intends to offer quality studies in health sciences. In order to ensure that quality, we continuously evaluate the performance of the teaching staff and supporting staff as well as the knowledge, skills and competence of the students. This is a task that the Office for Quality is entitled to conduct.

The evaluation of quality aspects in our institution is based on the philosophy of Total Quality Management.  The endeavor of the Office for Quality is to evaluate all important aspects that influence student’s learning from different perspectives. Being that our institutions philosophy is student centered, the students themselves are the main source of the evaluation of the teaching and supporting staff performance.

Based on the results of the evaluation of the teaching and supporting staff, various trainings and continuous education is provided.

Prorector for Research and Quality Assurance

Ilir Hoxha

Ilir Hoxha is Medical Doctor, researcher and consultant from Kosovo. His professional and academic interests lie in: medical practice variation and health services research; health economics and financing; and, regulation of health care service delivery.

He holds a Master’s degree from University of Prishtina, Master of Science degree in Health Systems Management from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has completed a residency program in Public Health at National Institute for Public Health of Kosovo. In addition, he has a record of research/academic training at Dartmouth Medical School, Karl Franzens University, Graz, Austria, and New Bulgarian University. In 2009 he was awarded Fulbright Research Fellowship at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. In 2017, Hoxha completed his PhD Degree in Public Health with honors (insigni cum laude) at Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine at University of Bern.

During the course of professional involvement he has performed work for The World Bank, UNICEF, UNFPA, USAID, in Kosovo. He has also been part of civil society initiatives with Action for Mother and Children, Institute for Advanced Studies GAP, Balkan Investigative and Reporting Network, Foundation Kosovo Luxembourg, Prishtina Institute for Political Studies and Center for Advanced Studies.

Between years 2010 to 2014 he has served as external adviser, in matters related to implementation of health insurance reform, for two Ministers of Health of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Bujar Bukoshi, and Dr. Ferid Agani. As of 2011 he works for SOLIDAR Suisse as project adviser in the Kosana project that facilitates policy processes related to implementation of national health insurance scheme.

Coordinator in Prorectorate for Research and Quality Assurance

Jeta Statovci

Jeta Statovci completed her Bachelor studies at Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo and USA. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Health Policy from the London School of Economics (LSE) in the UK, which was made possible through the Chevening scholarship. Her professional experience started as a healthcare consultant in London in 2018 and is now engaged as a consultant at the Cabinet of the Minister of Health through international projects such as Lux Development. Statovci was also part of the research that examined long-term and short-term tobacco price elasticity. At Heimerer College she is engaged since November 2018 and works as a coordinator at the Proctorate for Research and Quality Assurance.