Influence of the college

Heimerer College was founded in 2010 in an area of the city that attracted new hospitals and clinics. We are aware of our responsibility in the health and well-being of the community. Since the beginning, Heimerer College aims to advance the quality of health professionals and managers in Kosovo. Our impact is measurable as many of our graduates now occupy managing positions in the community. Heimerer College keeps track of how our graduates do. According to a survey in 2018, employers who have hired graduates of Heimerer College in managerial roles are more than 84% satisfied with our graduates’ performance.


The impact of Heimerer College in the  Kosovar community is increasing every day. New academic programs – Nursing, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Professional Education in Health, Lab Technician, Management of Institutions and Health Services – we offer fill the gaps that Kosovo has in the field of health, welfare and education. Kosovo’s youth are professionally and academically developed through organizations such as international conferences and roundtables. Heimerer’s development opportunities are countless and facilities and laboratories do not limit students or academic researchers, rather they encourage them to use the most modern technology in the health field. These development opportunities have provided students, academic and administrative staff, and Heimerer College associates with the necessary skills to influence not only academic and professional development, but also policy-making in the state of Kosovo. Therefore, the fact that you can find signs of our influence in Kosovo and beyond in every sphere or area of ​​life is just a reflection of our unstoppable work towards advancing social welfare.


Through projects, events, and various organizations, Heimerer College brings innovation to our community. Projects such as the International Career Program (PIK), the Multidisciplinary Center and the Therapeutic Center testify to our innovative and entrepreneurial mentality. Until now, we have not been apathetic towards difficult social issues and instead doing nothing, we have searched for ways to find solutions and change the current situation. Business incubators organized by Heimerer represent our endeavors to guide members of our community towards upward mobility and economic sustainability. We take pride in our continuous effort to create and maintain a culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in Kosovo and the region.

While educating and preparing more than 1,400 young people each year, we cooperate with neighborhood hospitals, clinics, organizations, businesses and government, to work toward a well-balanced, more equitable community with abundant opportunities for all. We hope our social impact will inspire new partnerships and deepen existing relationships toward a stronger community.