General Secretary


General Secretary

General Secretary

The secretary is the highest executive and administrative functionary at Heimerer College, with special rights and responsibilities. Secretary has these duties and responsibilities:

Leads the administrative unit
Assists the rector in the administrative leadership of the institution
Develops and maintains informative managing system,
Prepares and organizes data for management
Provides technical assistance for the budgeting process
Supports the Rector and Board of Directors in other cases not defined by the contract status.
Field of Responsibilities

Secretary is responsible for professional, administrative and technical cases/issues of the institution, in these main fields of responsibility:

Institutional administration
Personnel administration
Technical administration of Studies and Students

MSc.Adem Spahiu

Adem Spahiu was born in 20.05.76. He graduated at the University of Prishtina in General Jurisprudence. Adem, then, continued his studies and finished a master’s  degree in Civil Jurisprudence.

Through the GTZ project, for two years, he followed an advanced  training in European rights and Aqui Comunautaire. This training  was finalised in European College ,Bryzh of Belgium,as postgraduate study and certified by ECTS.

Adem Spahiu is on of the first arbitrage judges in Republic of Kosovo, a role which he still maintains.

Adem Spahiu is an experienced member of the Heimerer faculty since 2010.Since 2014, He has been a teaching staff at the University of Prishtina, Department of Medicine. Adem has an abundant experience in different trainings in organizations such as MDA, UNICEF, HANDIKOS, Child Protection Association. At the same time, he has a number of valuable national and international certification part of which are recognized by ECTS.