Diploma and Verification Office


The diploma given by Heimerer College is recognized in all the universities and higher education institutions in all countries across the world. The great number of students who have already continued Master studies at various universities in Kosovo and abroad prove this. Students who receive a diploma from the College Heimerer can easily access to work in Kosovo as well as abroad with a special focus on German-Speaking countries.

The validity of Heimerer College Diplomas is guaranteed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Kosovo Accreditation Agency.
Heimerer College offers diploma supplement to all students that wish to continue their studies abroad or start a job. The diploma supplement contains a description of the detailed study program. Heimerer College offers a special form of graduation making graduation easier and thesis qualitative. Graduation in Heimerer College is held in three colloquiums. All the colloquiums are presented in front of a graduation commission, where the work of the student is presented ensuring that the student thesis to be qualitative and a comprehensive research of the field which is selected to research.


Ardiana Beqiri, Zyrtare për Diplomim


Majlinda Tanushi


Kalendari i diplomimit

Afatet kohore Kollokfiumi  I Kollokfiumi  II Kollokfiumi  III
Diplomimi  i Prill-it Deri me 15 Shkurt Deri me 15 Mars Deri me 15 Prill
Diplomimi i Qershor-it (Korrik) Deri me 15 Maj Deri me 15 Qershor Deri me 15 korrik
Diplomimi i Tetor-it Deri me 15 Gusht Deri me 15 Shtator Deri me 15 Tetor
Diplomimi Janar-it Deri me 15 Nëntor Deri me 15 Dhjetor Deri me 15 Janar

Kalendari i paraqitjes se temës

Afatet kohore për paraqitje të temës Paraqitja Diplomimi
Janar 15-30 Janar Deri me 15 Prill
Prill 15-30 Prill Deri me 15 Korrik
Qershor (Korrik) 15-30 Qershor Deri me 15 Tetor
Tetor 15-30 Tetor Deri me 15 Janar