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Alumni represents the network of graduates of a higher education institution or any institute for various trainings. These institutions or institutes keep in touch with the Alumni network through various organisations and activities, which are organized by the Alumni Network. Keeping in touch with the Alumni network is important as it provides a testimony for the history and the past of the institution and, at the same time, is a reflection of the development of the institution.

The structure and hierarchy of the Alumni network preserves the frequency of activities and collaborations that enrich the relationship and connection of the Alumni network with each other and with the current students of the Institution. Heimerer College Alumni Network is divided into two main pillars: Alumni Intra – for Alumni who work in the Republic of Kosovo and Alumni Inter- for Alumni who live outside the Republic of Kosovo. This division maintains a more effective approach for contact of the alumni depending on the organization or the need for cooperation.


Alumni Network is maintained through various organizations and events for and with Alumni. Here is a short list of types of organizations:

  1. a) Scientific Conferences and Alumni Magazine:

Scientific conferences are organized by Heimerer College where Alumni are given the opportunity to present their work on the topic of the conference. These presentations will then be published online on the Alumni Magazine accessible to everyone on the College website (later a paid academic journal will be created).

  1. b) Professional Trainings:

Alumni of different professional fields will have the opportunity to organize trainings for current Heimerer College students. This will also benefit current students from the work and experience of alumni, as well as create a culture of continuous exchange of experience.

  1. c) Discussion panels on current issues

Discussion panels are organized that discuss current important issues in different professional fields where alumni of the respective fields will participate and share their valuable input.

  1. d) Cooperation roundtables:

The roundtable will be organized in small groups where possibility for collaborations between Alumni and College Heimerer will be considered.