About Us

Heimerer College – a unique institution in the region

Heimerer College is recognized as the leading institution in terms of its education of health professionals in Kosovo. Although a relatively new higher education institution in Kosovo, Heimerer has already made its mark through the success of its alumni, students, and faculty.

Heimerer College offers a diverse number of courses within health sciences in 6 accredited academic programs, 5 undergraduate – Nursing(BSc ), Logopedics (BSc), Occupational therapy, Medical Lab Technician program, Health professional Pedagogy/ Vocational nursing program-  and 1 graduate – Health Institution and Services Management (MSc). We attract independent thinkers with the willingness and drive to make a difference in the health of any community.

Undergraduate and graduate students at Heimerer learn side-by-side with faculty who are academic and professional leaders in the health field. Student exposure to practical experience gives them the cutting-edge in the job market locally and regionally.

As a student, you’ll find a supportive learning environment that highlights teaching and practical training across different fields of health sciences. Each of our programs is formulated to infuse the knowledge, ethical values, and interpersonal skills of professional practice and to encourage values of civic engagement, community service, and academic excellence.

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Exceptional Faculty – Innovative and resourceful educators

The faculty that teach at Heimerer College consist of outstanding educators and practitioners who are prominent regional leaders in their fields. Our faculty are recognized for their contribution in research and continually bring the latest findings into the classroom. Their expertise and professionalism enables students to go beyond textbooks and tackle real-world issues within health industry.  A large number of the faculty are distinguished in their own fields having won several teaching or research awards for their work.

The faculty is deeply committed to constant innovation in teaching methods and is eager to meet the need for the training of outstanding health professionals. Our teaching strategy puts the student practical experience at the heart of every class, thus, the graduates of any program at our college are work-ready and prepared for life after college.

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Professional Development – Devoted to shaping work-ready professionals and responsible citizens

Heimerer College has placed itself as the leading institution for skills enhancement opportunities and professional development through the International Career Program (ICP) and Career Center (CC). Students and graduates are enabled to have access to specialized training and professional development opportunities in order to keep pace with the demands of the job market. Our institution is dedicated to prepare health professionals with the adequate academic preparation and who are up-to-date with the technological advances and industry practices.

As the demands of the job market within the health sector is changing at a fast pace, our staff continuously re-designs student opportunities and trainings for professional and personal growth. We build bridges and partnerships that act as catalysts for interaction between academia and health industry.  Whether it’s through opportunities such as field studies, internships, trainings, and academic exchange programs, Heimerer College is connecting students and potential employers.

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Commitment to Research

Knowledge, thinking, and inquiry are central motivators at Heimerer College. Our objective is to develop distinguishing research that obtains meaning from the social and economic context of our geographical location. Our research efforts go hand in hand with our commitment to social responsibility and impact. The faculty at Heimerer College is directly involved with research and publications that focus on local, regional, and global health-related challenges. On the other hand, students are urged to think outside the box and inquire unconventional and creative solutions to issues that concern the health of our community and the needs of the health industry.

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